"When a ball dreams,
it dreams it's a frisbee."
Stancil E.D. Johnson

Appreciation after an intense game of ultimate
Will she the disc in the target?

Frisbee workshops

Welcome to the website of Frisbee Workshops.

This page contains a summary of the services we offer.
Frisbee Workshops is specialised in organising group activities centered around the various Frisbee sports.
Frisbee sports? Like most people, you probably thought Frisbee was only a leisure activity (on the beach or in the park), throwing a plastic plate to each other.
But Frisbee (also called disc) is the
basis of a wide variety of mature sports, measuring individual frisbee throwing skills or team performance.

Frisbee Workshop was founded by Jeroen Oort. He has been a Frisbee player since 1985 and has accumulated Frisbee experience in the Netherlands (as a player of the Amsterdam Frisbee club “Red Lights”)

and around the world (being part of the Dutch National Frisbee team).

For the Frisbee Workshops, we have several standards programs that we offer. A few examples:

  • a small tournament
  • a brief explanation and practice of several Frisbee sports.
  • a demonstration of the throwing and catching skills
  • an intensive Frisbee training

The workshops are intended for groups from 10 to 50 people (from all ages).
Most of the time the Frisbee Workshops are adapted to the needs of the customer. Prices vary from 20,- to 40,- euro per person.

Feel free to contact us at info@frisbeeworkshops.nl

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